Scorn Review (Eng)

The horror adventure created by the Serbian team Ebb Software has finally arrived, after being announced in 2014 through a first Kickstarter campaign, and it is ready to terrify us and make us live a short but extremely disturbing experience.

A disturbing screenshot of the game

Scorn is a first-person adventure set in a disturbing and horrid world inspired by the works of H. R. Giger. Without any text, the protagonist’s story unravels through his desperate need to escape the huge structure in which he wakes up trying to avoid the terrible dangers of this world full of strange creatures and living techno-organic structures. The visual impact, thanks to the good graphics optimization and the native 4k at 60 fps of the PC version, perfectly create a disturbing atmosphere that permeates the title. The sound is very essential, rarely there will be a music but it does an excellent job on the effects composed of scream and distressing noises. During the 5-6 hours required to finish the game, the player will have to face a series of puzzles consisting of levers, mechanisms and keys to find. Since there is no system of help or indicators, at the beginning everything can be alienating and understanding how to progress can be complex. The exploration is accompanied by combat phases that doesn’t work as planned, after an introductory phase we will be able to get some weapons (often with very limited ammunition) that must be used to kill the monsters, whose polygonal models are disturbing but very repetitive.

As mentioned longevity is not very good, also considering the full price at which the game is sold but fortunately the title is available on the Gamepass. In conclusion even if the game has some problems such as the combat system and the management of the checkpoints is enjoyable and is recommended for those who love this type of setting

Platform: PC, Xbox
Longevity: 5-6 hours

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