Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Review (Eng)

Game package

Published by Asmodee as a stand-alone game, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is a compact version of its older brother and includes an original story set before the events of Gloomhaven, consisting of 25 scenarios with 4 new classes that can be used in the base game. This game is also a legacy game and includes stickers and unlockable elements. The box includes all the elements to immediately start playing thanks to a perfect explanation of the rules before each scenario, making this game as an excellent entry point for the newcomers to the series. The player will be gradually introduced to the mechanics of the game avoiding wasting hours with the study of the rules. The idea of using the mission manual as a game board is brilliant and avoid the boring phase of the scenario preparation

The contents of the box

The game mechanics are the same as Gloomhaven but unlike this one the game offers an excellent solution for storing all the tokens and cards, that can easily fit into the original package once opened. Also for this product there is an app to manage the fights that I recommend to use to speed up the game

This product is recommended for both veterans of the series, who want to return to the wonderful world of Gloomhaven, and for new players who want to start having fun without going crazy with the complex rules of the base game or without buying the original game

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