Voodoo Review (Eng)

The game box

Voodoo is a game for 3 to 6 players in which you need to accumulate 11 points by casting curses on your opponents, avoid to fall victim of the opponent’s curses.

The game mechanics are simple, each player rolls dice to check the available ingredients for that turn and depending on the cards and their cost he can cast a curse to another player, earning a certain number of points and physically forcing him to do what is written on the card for the rest of the game. In case the opponent forgets to apply his curse or decides to break it voluntarily, he will give extra points to who launched the curse. Some curses for example are to play while sitting on the floor, imitating some animals before rolling the dice, doing a rain dance at the beginning of the turn or keeping both arms crossed … which makes the throwing of the dice particularly difficult and fun. There are no rules on how you could to try to bypass curses, so any player as long as he respects the text of the card can do whatever he wants from asking for help to throwing the dice with the mouth

Game components

The game package contains 36 curse cards, 10 permanent curses cards (a malus card for players) and 13 artifact cards that can be obtained during the game giving a series of advantages to the player who uses them. For those who want to expand the cards type there are 4 expansions. For example, the Double Trouble expansion allows to play in pairs increasing the number of players and introducing a series of curses to be done with a friend such as making the partner sit on your knees or playing with the butts touching each other. The rule of the game are very simple, making the game suitable even for those who are not experienced with board games

Being a physical game, Voodoo is not for everyone but is an original game which can ensure fun gaming sessions if you have courage to take the challenge

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