Atari Mania Review (Eng)

Those who have a few years on their shoulders will surely have heard of the Atari 2600. One of the first home cartridge consoles, released in September 1977, which sold over its 20-year career about 30 million units having a catalog of over 550 games.

The Atari Mania is a collection of over 150 minigames taken from the most famous Atari titles (from Asteroids to Yars’ Revenge and Breakout) lasting a few seconds, that similar to the Nes Remix series, are proposed in quick succession by making a mashup of settings, characters and game objectives. We will find ourselves having to defeat Millipede’s centipedes with the Breakout racket or using Pong’s bar we will have to avoid the bullets fired by the gunslinger of Outlaw. The minigames are all extremely crazy and original and have a “modernized” pixelated graphic. The game has also a good story mode that will make us play as the keeper of the Atari archives who will have to face the threat of dead pixels that have begun to spread changing the games that have made history

An example of minigame

Although the title does not have a particularly high longevity, the story has a series of puzzles that will keep you busy for several hours and contains many secrets and collectibles such the original artworks of the games and the scans of the original manual instructions. Everything is embellished with good chiptune music that will accompany us throughout our adventure.

This game is good title, made with love and dedicated both to the people who had an Atari during their youth and to new players who want to try a simple but fun game (consider that the game is sold at a budget price) that will make you relive for a few hours, even if in a different way, the golden years of the Atari

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch
Longevity: 5-8 hours

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