No More Heroes 3 Review (Eng)

Travis Touchdown, after the remaster of the first two chapters and a spinoff, is finally back and will have to wield his beam katana to save the world from an alien invasion

The life of an otaku is difficult, especially in Santa Destroy, so in 2007 Travis Touchdown after buying a lightsaber on an online auction site decides to become an assassin to gain some money to buy action figures and wrestling VHS but after his first kill he was forced by the sensual Sylvia Christel to join the United Assassins Association. Years after these events, Travis decides to live in a forest of Texas, but his self-proclaimed disciple Shinobu Jacobs convinced him to resume his assassination activity. Two years later, the new title of the visionary Suda51 begins. Travis will have to face an alien invasion guided by the cruel FU and climb the Galactic Superhero Rankings.

A fight in the game

The gameplay is similar to the previous chapters, Travis will have to face a series of battles and climb the Galactic Superhero Rankings to meet FU. However this task will not be easy because before facing each boss he will have to accumulate the necessary money to start the fight. So Travis will have to explore, in free roaming mode, 5 islands containing collectibles and secondary activities. Unfortunately the open world, as it was for the first No More Heroes, doesn’t work well, the city is completely deserted and after a few hours moving around the map using Travis’s bike all becomes repetitive. But the things change during the battles and during the great boss fights

The story is fully enjoyable even by those who have not played the previous games, and is narrated in full of Suda51’s style. The commands during the battle are responsive and on the PC (the version tested) the frame rate is stable but the graphics is very simple. If the character models are good enough, the other object and structures use simple polygonal models. During the game there is also a marked pop-in especially using the motorcycle.

The side missions are fun and crazy and are divided into some minigames, a series of battle challenges and the search for collectibles. Unfortunately there are no arcade-style mini-games like No More Heroes 2

The title was released in 2021 on Nintendo Switch and from October 2022 it is available for PC, Playstation and Xbox with improved graphics. The PC version is a good port without frame drops with the native support of the xbox controller

In conclusion, if you close an eye on the technical aspect we are in front of a fun and original game that I recommend to fans of the series and to those who are looking for a fun and crazy action title with a visionary graphic style typical of Goichi Suda

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation
Longevity: 12-15 hours

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