Return to Monkey Island Review (Eng)

After 30 years Ron Gilbert returns to work on the game which, in the 90s, set a new standard in the world of graphic adventures, creating an exceptional title for old and new fans. If you haven’t played the previous games, don’t worry, the game offers a short and fun summary of the previous adventures of Guybrush Threepwood that will make smile those who have finished the previous titles during these years. The story starts exactly at the ending of Monkey Island 2 and gives an excellent explanation to the strange ending that we saw in the 90s. This time our mighty pirate will embark to his final adventure, find the secret of Monkey Island but it will not be easy because he will soon face his nemesis LeChuck.

The SCUM bar will return

The game is a classic graphic adventure that abandons the old SCUMM verbs interface and introduces a simple visual interface that can be controlled with the click of the mouse. The puzzles are all extremely original and fun but they are never frustrating, you will hardly find yourself clicking on all the objects in the inventory with everything on the screen. In any case the game offers an excellent in-game help system that will guide the novice player. The longevity of the title is around 8-10 hours but the duration depends on how experienced you are in this type of games. The title has an impressive series of small references to the other titles that will surely identified by those who loved the first titles but which does not preclude access to new players.

The graphic style, although different from the past, after a first impact works perfectly, the sound is also excellent thanks to the presence of the music composed by veteran Michael Land (who also made the music of the original titles)

At the end, Return to Monkey Island is a game that should be played whether you are or not a fan of the series. The games closes the story began 30 years ago in a perfect way, with a beautiful melancholic ending but at the same time leaves the door open to a new adventures

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Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch
Longevity: 8-10 hours

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