Hanabi Review (Eng)

Game box

Hanabi is a card game for 2 to 5 players in which you will have to cooperate to organize a fireworks show trying to accumulate the highest possible score. This task seems easy but there is a catch… each player cannot see their cards, which must be be played in ascending order based on their color

During each turn a player can only perform one of three actions: play a card, discard a card or give a hint. The latter mechanic, limited to 8 times in the early phase of the game, is the most important because it allows players to cooperate. The player can give information on the color or the value of the cards in hand to another player. Valid suggestions are: “You have two yellow cards in this and this position”, “You have two 5s in your hand” or “You have no 2”. If you decide to play a card but it is wrong (remember that they must be played in ascending order from 1 to 5 based on their color) this will be discarded and an error token will be taken. At the third mistake the game ends and the points are counted, the aim is to get closer to the maximum score of 25

The game card

Hanabi is a very light and fun game with very few rules but hides a good dose of strategy and collaboration between the players but the presence of a luck component that permeates the game will not be liked by someone. The players will take a few games to start reaching high scores but considering that the game ends in a very short time, a new game can be quickly started. Note that when there are only two players, although the game works perfectly, it is slightly less fun than in 4-5 players

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